Nail Polish Review - China Glaze Road Trip (Spring 2015) Collection

2 February 2015

Hi everyone! Today, I have swatches of the entire China Glaze Road Trip Collection. I am really loving every single polish in this entire set. I am also really loving the new nail shape... they look so elegant! I think this is the first time I am swatching an entire collection that is bigger than 6 polishes. It's a lot of work but so worth it!

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China Glaze Spring 2015 Collection

Overall Comments: Although most of these polishes required 3 coats, the formula was generally very good. They all dried to a glossy finish and some of them are amazing creme polishes! The collection as a whole is so pretty and it will be perfect for nail art! Four polishes in this collection have a beautiful rose gold micro shimmer that is very subtle and only shows itself in certain lighting conditions and angles. You wouldn't purchase these polishes for the shimmer since it's very subtle. They are more like an elevated creme with something special about them.

My Way or the Highway
Colour: Teal-Green | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 2 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 10/10

Comments: This bright teal-green, turquoise creme is pure perfection! It has a buttery smooth formula, and although sheer on the first coat, it is fully opaque after the second coat. It also dries to a very glossy finish and has a juicy, squishyness about it. Oh and the best part is that it doesn't stain... unlike a very similar polish I have by Nicole by OPI.

China Glaze My Way or the Highway

License & Registration Pls
Colour: Marine-Blue | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 2 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 9/10

Comments: This had the same formula as My Way or the Highway. It was sheer on the first coat but perfectly opaque after the second. It was super smooth and easy to apply this polish and I love the striking colour and squishy-ness of this creme polish. Although not too original, it's still a beautiful blue creme.

China Glaze License & Registration Pls

Boho Blues
Colour: Periwinkle | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 3 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 10/10

Comments: Love love love! The formula may be sheer and require three coats for opacity, but this periwinkle creme is just so beautiful! The end result is glossy, squishy and somewhat jelly-like. It's so elegant for a blue polish and I can't wait to wear this in the spring with some bright floral nail art pattern.

China Glaze Boho Blues

Dashboard Dreamer
Colour: Pastel Blue | Finish: Shimmer-Creme | # of Coats: 3 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 9/10

Comments: This powder blue shimmer is a very sweet blue with a beautiful rose-gold micro shimmer that only shows itself in some lighting conditions and at certain angles. The micro-shimmer is not not obvious in the swatch but you see the hint of pink on the bottle and some places where the light hits the nails. It really just elevates this simple pastel blue polish to being a unique addition to my collection. I already wore this as the base for my Blog Birthday/Anniversary nail art, which you can check out here!

China Glaze Dashboard Dreamer

Colour: Lavender | Finish: Shimmer-Creme | # of Coats: 3 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 9/10

Comments: This polish is a beautiful lavender creme with rose gold micro shimmer. Similar to Dashboard Dreamer, it has a sheer formula that requires three coats to build to full opacity. Once again, the shimmer isn't obvious but you can see it in certain angles and lighting which elevates this simple lavender creme to something special and unique. I hate such colours on me but Wanderlust is very flattering and elegant.

Pack Lightly
Colour: Powder-Peach | Finish: Shimmer-Creme | # of Coats: 3 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 9/10

Comments: This is a "powder" peach polish with the rose gold micro shimmer like the two polishes above. It also has a sheer formula and the super subtle shimmer. Although this isn't really classified as a neon, my camera had so much trouble capturing the colour of this polish. It a a very pretty peach polish than leans more orange in my opinion. I think it'd be a great colour for a pedicure.

China Glaze Pack Lightly

More to Explore
Colour: Soft Orange-Coral | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 3 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 8/10

Comments: This is the darker, non-shimmery cousin to Pack Lightly, with the same sheer formula. This one felt even more neon than the first although China Glaze describes this as a Coral, it is definitely more orange. It's a pastel creme polish with neon properties but it also dries glossy. I wasn't a huge fan of this on my fingers but I may like it better on my toes this summer.

China Glaze More to Explore

Pinking Out the Window
Colour: Salmon-Pink | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 3 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 9/10

Comments: This is a salmon pink creme polish that screams girly and elegant! It has the same sheer formula like many others in this collection and requires three coats for full opacity. The sheer formula gives it the squishy-ness that is so elegant! The hint of coral makes this polish more wearable and less barbie-like!

China Glaze Pinking Out the Window

I Brake for Colour
Colour: Red-Pink | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 2 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 10/10

Comments: This is a gorgeous red-pink or pink-red creme! The formula is pigmented and buttery smooth with a glossy finish. You might have a lot of reds or pinks in your collection but this polish is just so special with it's mix of pink and red! It is definitely one of my favourites from this collection.

China Glaze I Brake for Colour

Pop the Trunk
Colour: Orange-Red | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 3 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 8/10

Comments: This is an reddish-orange creme polish that could get away with just two coats but I added a third since it felt patchy for close-up pictures. I think this is a wearable version of an orange polish because it is darker and almost leans red. It's really hard to wear bright true-orange polishes. I also see great nail art potential with this polish.

China Glaze Pop the Trunk

Sun's Up Top Down
Colour: Yellow | Finish: Shimmer-Creme | # of Coats: 3 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 7/10

Comments: This is a yellow polish with the very subtle rose gold micro shimmer. I really want to like this polish because of its warm sunflower yellow colour but the formula is just so bad! Even after three coats, it feels patchy and jelly-like. Like the other shimmer polishes in this collection, it is definitely a unique take on a yellow creme polish.

China Glaze Sun's Up Top Down

Trip of a Lime Time
Colour: Chartreuse | Finish: Creme | # of Coats: 2 | Topcoat: Yes | Rating: 7/10

Comments: This is a "lime green" or chartreuse creme polish that was sheer on the first coat but completely opaque after the second. I feel that this leans more yellow than green and has an icky quality about it. However, it is great for nail art especially when you need greens for floral or leafy designs.

China Glaze Trip of a Lime Time

My Favourites: Boho Blues, My Way or the Highway and I Brake for Colour

Overall, I love the range of colours in this collection and I liked 10 out of the 12 very much! Remember to enter my Blog Birthday/Anniversary Giveaway to win the entire collection for yourself! I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this collection.

- Hetal


  1. Fun collection. Your rounded nails still look really good.

    1. It really is a gorgeous collection. And thank you Lisa.. the new nail shape is really growing on me too! :)

  2. Some of the colors are very pretty. My absolute favorite one is My Way or the Highway. Love cream polishes!

    1. My Way or the Highway is also on my top picks list! It just looks so stunning!

  3. Replies
    1. I love it too! The subtle shimmer really makes it a unique polish in my collection.

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